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Adios Ao Nang!

Today marked our last day in Ao Nang. Tomorrow morning we catch a ferry to Ko Phi Phi, which is supposed to be one of the most beautiful islands in Southeast Asia. I’m excited to be on an island that is completely walkable and without cars (hm…I shouldn’t speak too soon. This means I have to walk everywhere in the horrid heat).

We’ve been here three nights now, but it feels like we just arrived. I think it was the perfect amount of time in Ao Nang. I believe Ao Nang is a stopover for most travelers to Thailand’s infamous beaches—Ao Nang is not one of them, although it has its own beauty and charm.


There are many shops and restaurants here, but it’s all on one strip of road that continues about ten minutes from our hotel to the ocean. It’s a pleasant location, but there isn’t a huge amount of entertainment that catches our interest. Jungle trek? Done it, and it probably won’t be as good or authentic in this gringo saturated area. Diving? Better in Ko Phi Phi. Rock climbing? I don’t trust myself to do that…

Jenna was up early this morning, and thus so were we. Truthfully though, there would be no sleeping in until noon on this trip even if Jenna weren’t here. The sun rises pretty early and we don’t go to bed past midnight (the drinking starts early). The days feel long with the heat anyway, so the desire to stay up all hours of the night aren’t there either. We’re also not a traveling pack of douche bag single (or not) college dudes looking for loose women, so the bars are generally something to stay away from. Wet tee shirt competitions aren’t really my thing. I know, I know, I'm boring.

Our last day here began with an early rise and breakfast. The food here is so good! I am going to get fat eating curry every day (granted not for breakfast, but certainly for lunch or dinner). My palate has matured on this trip as well, and my spice factor increased tenfold from prior to our departure. I love it!

After breaky Jenna and Zac headed down to the beach. I decided to stay in the hotel and avoid the sun during its strongest hours. The damage of my sunburn is more extensive than initially believed and my forearms are throbbing in this heat and with any sun exposure. I feel slightly retarded for not applying sunscreen to them during my swim yesterday, but now I guarantee I will remember!

My mid morning was relaxing, though, and I had the hotel room all to myself without the company of others. It was the first time on this vacation that I have really had some down time of doing absolutely nothing and I used the free time to do some much needed writing and reading. Jenna and Zac tried to lure me to the beach, but my burns screamed no and in the end I think it was wise to stay out of the heat and sun as much as possible, since sunburns take so much out of me.

Eventually Jenna came back and got me, telling me that Zac had found a spot of shade on the beach and claimed his stake for our taking. I gave in and collected my things and trotted off to Ao Nang’s main beachfront where I horrifyingly discovered even grosser people than Railay and far more boobs escaping bikini tops. I felt a matronly instinct emerge from within as I anxiously wanted to walk from woman to woman and throw a towel on her exposed chest. I noticed several Thai women walking along the beach shaking their heads in the direction of these women (but definitely not the Thai men…) and could only wonder how people are so clueless or perhaps careless to the opinion of locals whose country they are guests in.

I skipped the water today and hung out in the shade, covered up while slathered in sunscreen, just in case sun can sneakily penetrate the wall of shade provided by the beach trees. Zac and I opted to leave soon after my arrival to go and eat a meal of deliciousness while we ditched Jenna at the beach. There are certainly worse places we could have left her.

After lunch we all just kind of hung out around the hotel, played cards, made fun of one another, and annoyed one another. Jenna’s method of annoyance is asking everyone to play cards repeatedly. My method of annoyance is usually directed at Jenna and involves me enlisting Zac’s help. We both put on our headphones and listen to the same song on our Zunes, (last night it was some Weezer) only started half a second apart from one another, and sing really loudly. This drove her nuts last night and I was laughing so hard I could barely sing the song and refrain from wetting my pants. Zac’s method of annoyance is usually... everything--I kid!

Zac and Jenna do team up on me, usually when I'm writing and have my headphones in. They love to flag my attention and ask me what I'm doing, what I'm writing about, what I'm listening to, and then sing that goddamn Pina Colada song to me.

Like I said, I really enjoyed my alone time today.


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