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Today we made the journey from Ao Nang to Ko Phi Phi in a two hour ferry ride with scenic pepperings of small islands and beautiful waters. The ferry we took was very comfortable--a few decks, some indoor chairs, and most importantly--bathrooms. I didn't use the ferry bathroom, but I know when traveling the accessibility of a toilet is nearly as important as where you are going to sleep that night.

Ko Phi Phi is beautiful. It far surpasses the beaches of Ao Nang, and despite the inflated prices for such beauty, I think I'm going to like it here. No where on this small island has wifi, so I'm paying to use the internet. Ugh. I hate that quality in a location, but that just means a shorter, easier read for you, as well as relatively little thought in my writing and the humor of no spell check.

Our day on Ko Phi Phi has been pretty laid back. We arrived at the port in what feels to be the hottest temperatures yet. I had been sitting in the air conditioned indoor deck of the ferry (even though it reeked of gasoline, concerningly), so adjusting to the temperature felt all the worse. Still, instant sweat on my brow (and everywhere else) mixed with painful shoulder sunburn left me an unhappy camper. I strapped on my FORTY pound pack (yes, it is actually 40 pounds--I packed bricks, I guess) and walked up the dock with a surly attitude. Fortunately our "resort" had someone there to meet us and while Ko Phi Phi has no cars (and few motorbikes), we still did not have to carry out bags because the wonderful employee came equipped with a cart to wheel the bags in. Thank god. It may have only been a ten minute walk, but those ten minutes would have been torturous in the heat.

The resort we're at is on the beach, a welcome change to Ao Nang. We have a three person bungalow, which has a small sea view (past the pool view) and a lovely little deck with shade. The room itself is fine, nothing to write home about (ha, yet I am!), but the bathroom is pretty gnarly. It's another toliet/shower combo bathroom where the shower is a hose on the wall for you to rinse yourself down, right about the toilet. For multitasking maybe?

Don't forget to put the toilet seat down and hide the toilet paper with a towel or out of spray's way, otherwise you'll be sorry (Zac hasn't seemed to learn this yet, much to my frustration...). Still, my understanding is that Ko Phi Phi has similarly priced "resorts" of similar quality, so there isn't much complaining to be done because there isn't much change to be had.

After getting settled we walked the island for a bit.


I can't believe how much I've been sweating. Truly--I can't be human! The heat is excruciating at times, and shade is a well fought commodity on most beaches. The walk was nice, though, and it's hard to imagine that it wasn't too long ago that this island had been completely destroyed by the tsunami. There are absolutely no clear signs of damage anywhere unless one looks really hard. At least this is the case on the main part of the island where tourists reside. I'm sure residents in the hills may have different takes on this.

We had an overpriced and under flavored meal (a rareity thus far on our trip) before hitting the beach and pool for swims. The water here on our side of the island isn't as clear as the landing dock, a bit brackish actually (yes---bull sharks!), but it's just as warm as I'd expected and Zac and I spent a good amount of time in the water. The pool is warm as well, heated all day by the sun. I felt like I was taking a bath, and prefer the ocean to pool because of the temperatures.

The land is beautiful and when you can escape other people it feels like you're in a lost world with the amazing hillsides of jungle and limestone rock. The water is a beautiful shade of jade and blue and I wish my camera could truly capture the actual beauty of it all, but there's no way that's going to happen. I almost don't want to try.

Our evening has been spent reading. I'm loving the reading time! We'll get dinner shortly, then maybe another dip, and then more relaxing on our little deck. Being so close to the beach is awesome, and I may go sit out there tonight and just listen to the waves when everyone else is gone. No plans for tomorrow yet, but we want to go see some of the smaller Phi Phi islands and do something with SHARKS! Jenna is an absolute no, but I have Zac agreeing to at least snorkel with the black tips (although so much lamer because they are feeding on the reef and you are on the surface just looking down...). Nobody wants to dive with me, and I'm not sure I want to spend the money on diving when I'd be doing it alone. I wish everyone else loved sharks as much as I do! Those fools don't know what they're missing. Our hotel offers a free half day of diving to try it out and I hope everyone will get some sense before we leave.

I mean, it's sharks. Come on.

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